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"Surprise Me" is a fun box option where the reader is selecting to have A Book Well Loved decide which book is being shipped. 

You can select between a "surprise" pre-owned hardcover book or a "surprise" pre-owned paperback book - both options will be in good/like-new condition.

The "Surprise Me" book be a complete mystery upon purchase, and could be from any genre and any author.

Pricing is dependent upon a couple things:

1. At the discretion of the publisher and/or author for new copies. If there is a set retail price required, A Book Well Loved will meet those requirements when listing in the shop.

2. At the discretion of our ownership: For used books, we will follow a typical "grading" structure for pricing used books. We take into consideration the age of the book, the overall quality of the book, and how popular a certain title might be. In general, we try to stick to the following outline (but keep in mind, there may be some exceptions):

For Like New Books: 40% off retail jacket cover price

For Good Condition Books: 50% off retail jacket cover price

For Fair Books, Older Books: 60% off retail jacket cover price

Giving Back

Please consider making a donation at checkout. 100% of each donation is given to children's literacy programs. You can learn more about the current literacy program A Book Well Love is supporting when you visit your checkout page.