Trade In Policy

Want to get rid of your old books? A Book Well Loved might accept them!!

Trade In Policy Rules and How it Works:

  • A Book Well Loved does NOT pay cash for books
  • A Book Well Love MIGHT accept gently used books in exchange for trade-in/store credit only.
    • We have the right to deny any books for any reason.
  • We also accept donations vs. store credit - please indicate when you initiate the send-in process if you are donating books or would like them to be considered for trade-in credit.


Books that will NOT be considered include (but are not limited to):
    • Encyclopedias 
    • Harlequin Romance books
    • Textbooks
    • Old library books
    • Books that are damaged, wet, have mildew, stains, or contain cobwebs or bugs
    • Hardcover books that are missing their jacket cover
    • Reader's Digest books or magazines

Trade-in books that are accepted are eligible for between $0.25-$2.00 per book, depending upon a quality, popularity, and age curriculum at our discretion. 
  • The trade in credit you earn will be available to use toward purchase of other used books only, NOT new books or new gifts.
  • The trade credit that you earn will allow you to pay for half the cost of the used books you purchase. The other half can then be paid for using your credit card, or paypal account. 
    • No matter how much trade credit you have, there will always be some payment needed at checkout. The rest of your trade credit can be used at another time.
    • So for example: if you have $8 worth of credit, and you're buying an $8 book, you can use $4 of your trade credit, and then pay $4 + taxes + shipping (or you can opt for local pickup), and save the remaining $4 credit for another time.
  • Trade credit may not be applied toward shipping costs.


The reason for this policy is because A Book Well Loved is not a library, and we still have to receive a little bit of money with each sale in order to cover our the expenses associated with keeping a store up and running. 

As much as we wish they did, books alone don't pay the bills ;) 

    Who Keeps Track of Trade-In Credit?

    • At this time, a special discount code will be created for anyone who has trade-in credit with the designated amount of credit they have. 
    • This trade in credit will automatically be set with the following parameter: a minimum purchase of double the trade in amount will be required for the customer to use the trade in credit.
      • So for example, if a customer has a trade-in credit of $5, it will be set that the customer has to have a minimum of $10 in their carts in order for the customer to use the credit.
      • If at any time, you are wanting to use it for smaller purchases, please send us a message either on Facebook, Instagram, or email ( with the desired book(s) you are wanting to buy, and we can create a custom invoice allowing you to use the appropriate credit amount.
        • So for example, if the customer has a $10 credit amount and wants to buy an $8 book, we can create a custom invoice taking $4 off the total of the book, and adjusting your credit to show you have $6 remaining to be used another time.

    **Please keep in mind we realize this is not a perfect system, but it is the work-around we have come up with based on what our e-commerce platform allows us to do. 

    Our goal is not to swindle you out of book money, we are just trying to make it fair for all involved!

    How to Send/Drop-Off Trade-In Books?

    Please send an email to Natasha at to inquire about sending/delivering your books. If you live locally, we can coordinate a pick-up time. If you do not live locally, you can ship your books to us, and the customer is responsible for those shipping costs. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee we will immediately be able to check out your books and have an answer on whether or not we will accept them. We do promise to have an answer to you within 1 week.

    You also have the option of sending books in for straight donation (no trade-in credit to be accepted). If we are unable to sell them, we will donate them to various local reading programs for adults and children. 

    What Happens if Your Books Are Not Accepted?

    If your trade-in books are not accepted, you will be notified via email or social media direct message. You will have the option of paying for shipping to have your books returned to you, picking them up locally, or donating. Any donated books we receive that we cannot sell will go to various local reading programs for adults and children.