Reference Guide

Common Definitions Used to Describe Our Books:

  • New: Brand-new, unused, unread copy in perfect/pristine condition.
  • Like New: A gently pre-owned copy in excellent condition. Book does not appear to have any wear/tear, rips, or marks/folds on pages.
  • Very Good: A gently pre-owned copy that has been gently read and loved but still is in great condition. Pages remain intact but there may be an owner's name inside, or a written mark throughout the book. Natural wear and tear along the spine or cover but no obvious rips or damage.
  • Good: A pre-owned copy that is clean. Pages and covers are intact, but there may be some wear and tear along the cover or spine that is noticeable. This can also include writing in the pages, or some fold marks, stickers along the cover, or mark ups.
  • Fair: A copy that is still readable. Pages are intact, but if it's a hardcover it might be missing a cover, or there may be a few rips in the cover or binding. Pages may have highlighted sections or markings. 

Availability of Books

Please keep in mind that because the majority of our goods are pre-owned copies, we cannot guarantee availability and stock for certain titles may be limited. That does not mean we may not restock in the future, or have multiple copies available at any given time in varying conditions.

If you have a title that you're trying to find, please feel free to email us at and we can try to help find a copy for you.

Trade Ins

At this time, we are not currently accepting trade in books for credit, but we are actively working to add this feature soon. Stay tuned!

Pricing Structure

Pricing is dependent upon a couple things:

1. At the discretion of the publisher and/or author for new copies. If there is a set retail price required, A Book Well Loved will meet those requirements when listing in the shop.

2. At the discretion of our ownership: For used books, we will follow a typical "grading" structure for pricing used books. We take into consideration the age of the book, the overall quality of the book, and how popular a certain title might be. In general, we try to stick to the following outline (but keep in mind, there may be some exceptions):

For Like New Books: 40% off retail jacket cover price

For Good Condition Books: 50% off retail jacket cover price

For Fair Books, Older Books: 60% off retail jacket cover price

Local Pickup

A Book Well Loved is happy to accommodate local pickup in Bettendorf, IA. Orders will typically be ready within 1-2 business days. A Book Well Loved will determine the pickup location.

To take advantage of local pickup:

  • Use code "Local" at checkout.
  • Please email with your order number to arrange for local pickup.