Did you just find your new favorite used bookstore? I sure hope so!

Hey new friend! My name is Natasha. Lover of all the books (and the coffee).

I’ve had a love affair with books even before I could read. I remember being a little girl, carrying my books around with me everywhere. I so desperately wanted to read the words on the pages that I would memorize the stories my mom would read to me, then go back and practice the words as I’d flip the pages. Just knowing that one day, the foreign language on the page in front of me would magically make sense.

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all.”


My dream has always been to one day open a book shop. Here at A Book Well Loved, you'll find new and gently used copies of a wide array of books (and gifts!) 

You'll also find book reviews, my picks and reading lists, and more!

So grab your coffee, and let's be friends. You can read with us!

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