Have you recently set a goal in the new year that you want to start reading more books in 2022, but you’re not quite sure exactly how to develop a regular reading routine?

Instead of stressing out over the outcome, focus instead on the things you can do each day to get you closer to that goal. It all comes down to your habits, or your daily routine.

How to Develop a Regular Reading Routine

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how to develop a regular reading routine

Create a List

Start by putting together a list of books that you want to read. When you can pick from books that sound good, and book you’re actually excited about, you’ll be that much more likely to stick to a regular schedule of reading those books. 

A great place to get ideas for popular books, as well as keeping track of books you want to read, books you are reading, or books you have read is goodreads.

Schedule Reading Time

Just like with anything important, schedule it. If it’s in your calendar you’ll be much more likely to keep those time commitments to yourself and to your book-date. 

If sneaking in time to read during the day is difficult because of busy schedules, then make it a priority to get up 20 minutes earlier each morning and devote that quiet time to reading a few pages.

Conversely, if it’s easier to devote time at the end of your day to reading, then do that. Curling up with a book before bed is a great way to de-stress, relax, and get some more pages turned. 

Carry a Book With You

Keep a book with you at all times. You’d be surprised how many moments pop up during the day that are prime time for reading. Doctor’s office waiting rooms, school pick up line, lunch breaks – all make perfect opportunities to get in a little light reading.

Minimize Distractions

If you’re someone who easily finds themself distracted, then try to minimize distractions. Turn off the TV, quiet your radio, and set down your phone so you can dedicate your focus and attention on your book.

If you’re trying to read at home, go in another room if your family is being too loud, in order to soak up some uninterrupted reading time. Even taking your book with you in a relaxing bath is a great way to unwind and still ensure that you’re making time for reading.

Ultimately, to make a new reading routine stick, you have to make it easy and enjoyable. Find books you enjoy, and look for opportunities in your day to squeeze in that time. Before you know it, reading will become second nature, just like checking your social media notifications.



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