Why did I create a bookstagram account? Well… 2021 has been the year where I decided to make social media fun again. My job, for the last four years, has revolved around social media. And don’t get me wrong; I LOVE what I do. But social media after awhile, especially when it’s your job, can start to take a toll on you.

I miss the days where we used to post emo lyrics and pictures of our food or pets. Now, everyone is trying to sell you something, or fighting over politics, or trolling peoples’ photos and I’m NOT here for it. So, I decided that for me to enjoy social media, I needed to separate myself from the hustle (outside my 9-5). I needed an account that was purely for fun. Which is how @abookwellloved was born.

I truly don’t care how many followers I have. I’ll never join an engagement group, or post false reviews because I was paid to do so. Instead, I’m sharing what I love: books and reading. Interacting with other people who love books and reading as much as I do, and finding new titles to add to my TBR stack. It’s SO FUN. And just what I needed.

Since creating my new bookstagram account, I’ve definitely added to my list of books I want to read. But, after seeing endless posts, positive reviews, and nonstop chatter, these four books were able to push their way to the top of my list

Four Popular Books bookstagram Made Me Read


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The Arrangement by Kiersten Modglin: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

synopsis of the arrangement by kiersten modglin

Ainsley and Peter are in trouble. Their marriage is falling apart and they’re on the brink of losing the family they’ve worked so hard to build together.

Until Ainsley comes up with one final idea that will save their marriage:

One day each week they will be allowed to date other people.

No details. No questions asked. No rules, other than they have to each date someone new once a week, and they’ll never discuss any details about the dates.

Unconventional? Maybe. But the plan could work, until someone starts to break the rules. Now, someone is dead, and more secrets are being brought to the surface.

Can Ainsley and Peter fight for their marriage, their freedom, and make it out of this whole ordeal alive?

My Thoughts

This is probably the MOST posted about book I’ve seen on social media this year (this or Verity, which we’ll get to later in this post!) I probably see this more on Facebook than Instagram, but, small details.

Every single psychological thriller page I follow, or group I belong to, talks about The Arrangement at least once a day. And, after being asked by Kiersten Modglin herself to review her latest thriller, Our Little Secret, I knew that the Arrangement had to be my next KMod book.

(Bonus: there was an option to order an autographed copy from Kiersten Modglin’s website so you know I had to do that!)

the arrangement by kiersten modglin

Everyone always talks on social about the twists and turns this book takes, and lemme tell you, they ain’t wrong. I pride myself on being able to guess the plot twist of the thrillers I read, and I equally love and hate when I’m right. I can honestly say that this is one ending I never saw coming. It was a twist, on a twist, on another twist. I call that a triple threat.

Luckily, KMod has over 25 published books available and so far I’ve only read two, which means that this author will be in my TBR stack for quite awhile!

If you like books that give you a quick read, keep you guessing, and totally surprise you with the ending, then definitely add this to your reading list.

I’m curious – if you’ve read any of her books, which ones did you love? Add them in the comments so I know which one to start next!

Verity by Colleen Hoover: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Synopsis of Verity by Colleen Hoover

Lowen is a struggling writer with a dark past. When the offer of a lifetime is presented to her; finish writing a popular series by author Verity Crawford, who was tragically injured in an accident – she knows she has to say yes.

But when Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, ready to sort through Verity’s notes and manuscripts, she finds more than she bargains for. Hidden in Verity’s office is an unfinished autobiography where Verity shares dark secrets about herself, her family, and her husband Jeremy.

Lowen decides not to tell anyone else about the manuscript, but as Lowen starts to fall for Jeremy, she becomes more confused about what really happened to Verity, and if she’s safe at the Crawford’s house.

My Thoughts

Man on man did I want to love this book. I’m not kidding – people either LOVE or they HATE Verity. There is no in between. Except me. Overall, the bones were good. The story was definitely there. And, I’m going to try really hard not to spoil anything here but I can’t make any promises so keep reading at your own risk.

So Verity is this super popular author who writes thrillers from the perspective of the bad guy. Hello, ideal moment for some foreshadowing here, right? Lowen, on the other hand, shies away from the spotlight. She’s a writer who has been looking for her big break. She’s a loner, with a super dark past and a history of harmful sleep walking. It’s mentioned so many times in the book, it has to be important, right? (Spoiler alert: wrong).

When Lowen takes the job to finish writing Verity’s book series, she simultaneously starts to fall in love with Verity’s husband Jeremy, and start to suspect that Verity’s accident might not be what meets the eye. What we know is that Verity was in a car accident following the tragic deaths of not one, but both twin daughters. Leaving behind her husband and five year old son to care for her at home. Completely unresponsive, Verity spends her days being tended to by a hired nurse.

When Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, she almost immediately finds a hidden manuscript written by Verity, seemingly, her autobiography. The contents in this manuscript shock and disgust Lowen, as she slowly starts to uncover secrets about her favorite author and the truth in what happened to Verity and Jeremy’s daughters.

But, we don’t really care about that because Lowen and Jeremy are too busy banging. All over that damn house. All over the chapters. Everywhere. I’ll be honest, this is the first Colleen Hoover book that I’ve read, so maybe Miss Hoover does include a lot of sex in her books. I just don’t know. But keep it out of a thriller, will ya?! I want to play detective, I want to be spooked, I want to keep guessing. I don’t have time for the rest!

Truthfully, I felt I was a little generous in giving this one four stars. I went back and forth between 2 and 4, and finally opted for the higher end because the book did hold my interest. I did finish it quickly, and I did enjoy the overall story. Now that I’m thinking about it again I should have just met in the middle with three stars. Oh well.

Everyone is completely torn on what they think the ending of this book means. I have my own opinions, but I won’t share them because then that truly would be a spoiler and I only do that in Book Chat.

I’d say go ahead and read this one. Chances are you’re going to love it. If you’re not into books with a lot of sex – skip it.

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

synopsis of The maidens by alex michaelides

Mariana Andros is a group therapist with a history of heartbreak. When her niece Zoe calls her in tears one night from Cambridge University, following the murder of her close friend, Mariana rushes to be by her side.

Mariana quickly becomes convinced that Zoe’s professor Edward Fosca is responsible for the death of her friend. Handsome, mysterious, and wildly adored by staff and students both, Mariana feels there are too many parallels between the lessons he teaches in Greek Tragedy and the way Zoe’s friend was murdered.

When another body is found, Mariana becomes obsessed with providing Fosca’s guilt. But will her accusations backfire, destroying not only her credibility but her closest relationships? Mariana is willing to risk everything if it means saving her niece, and putting a guilty man behind bars. But is she willing to risk her life?

My thoughts

Let me start out by saying I am in the group of people that loved The Silent Patient. (Well love may be a strong word, but I definitely really liked it). It was a slow build to an ending that was just cleverly tied to everything you just read about, and I freaking love when that happens. So I had high hopes and expectations that The Maidens would be similar.

It wasn’t.

The story was okay at best, but I felt that too many things just didn’t add up (and not in a way that relates to the story). I just kept waiting to be gripped, and unfortunately, I never was. The ended, while it did provide a plot twist that I didn’t see coming, was almost eye roll worthy.

I’d probably skip this one, unless you’re super into greek mythology and greek tragedy.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

synopsis of malibu rising by taylor jenkins reid

Set the scene: it’s Malibu, 1983. The bodies are tanned, the cocaine is plenty, and the world is all about the next party or catching the next wave.

Everyone wants to be around the famous Rivas family. Mick, the father and legendary singer, Nina, supermodel, Jay and Hud, professional surfer and photographer, and Kit, an up and coming female surfer.

Getting an invite to this party is your golden ticket, no matter who you are. A chance to get up close and personal with the who’s who of stardom.

But this year is different. Nina’s husband just left her for another woman. Jay and Hudson are fighting over the same woman, and Kit is struggling with a secret no one knows. By midnight, the party will be out of control, and the Riva mansion will go down in flames.

But the real question lies in.. who started the fire?

my thoughts

Malibu Rising, quite honestly, is not a typical book I would read. But I kept seeing EVERYONE posting about it, so I started to get FOMO and quickly added it to my BOTM pick! (And let’s be honest, the cover is absolutely perfect for getting creative with your bookstagram photos, right?)

It was a nice break from my usual psychological thriller, and let’s be honest.. sometimes you just need to cleanse the palate, per se, and get some other thoughts floating around in your detective-trained mind, right? (shrugs). Sounds good.

I quickly fell in love with June Rivas, Nina’s mom who passed away from an accidental drowning when the Rivas siblings were still kids. Going back and forth between her love story with Mick, understanding her heartache, and then present day drama gave all the insight you needed to truly understand the Riva family dynamic. Dear God I wanted to slap Mick in his face so many times throughout this book!

Following along with all of their hopes and dreams, and what it means to want the best for your children, while giving them the life you never had and the choices to make their decisions for what they want out of life – ugh. This book had it all.

This is definitely one I’d add to your reading list; especially if you’re feeling particularly nostaligic and wanting to take a trip back to those early Sixteen Candles, Can’t Buy Me Love, and The Breakfast Club days.



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