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Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson


Moms, book clubs, and wine. Sounds like an innocent enough evening in your typical upper class Florida neighborhood (plus it sounds like a damn good time to me!)

It’s just another book club meeting for Amy Whey, until Angelica Roux shows up – the new, mysterious, and a little-too-sexy neighbor on the block. Angelica cozies up to the other women in the club right away, filling their wine glasses (and their egos) as she changes the topic to anything but the book being discussed.

Once everyone gets a little tipsy, and much to Amy’s dismay, Angelica convinces the group to play a little game. Never Have I Ever.. but with a twist. Instead of going around and taking a shot for the things you HAVE done that someone else hasn’t, you’re supposed to go around and talk about the worst things you HAVE ever done.

Internal panic immediately ensues for Amy. Will her big secret finally be revealed? She’s worked so hard for so many years to let sleeping dogs lie.. but Angelica keeps prodding her; it’s almost like she knows Amy has something big to hide, and that if it were to ever get out, could negatively impact everyone Amy holds dear.

Amy’s suspicions turn out to be true; Angelica does know her deep, dark secret. And not only is she determined to get to Amy, she’s made it her entire reason for moving to Florida. Angelica will stop at nothing to get what she wants from Amy, and Amy will do everything in her power to protect her loved ones from Angelica’s evil plans.


A fairly fast paced read, but I felt like everything came to a close pretty early on. And then – it took a turn I didn’t quite expect, nor did I appreciate it. It was one of those endings you don’t necessarily see coming, but not in a good way. I honestly thought the way it did end was really distasteful. In my opinion, it could have had a similar ending while going in a different direction. You’ll see what I mean if you read it. I ended up giving this book two stars on Goodreads because the author pissed me off with that ending. All truth, no lie.


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